The Dream team did it again: The “Seagull” flies over Tbilisi!

Jari Juutinen’s so called dream team of Frozen Images” got back together once again, joined by Ani Aladashvili from “Juliet, Juliet”, making this a great co-production of sadsongskomplex:fi, Tbilisi State Griboedov Russian Drama Theatre and Liberty Theatre. Jari Juutinen’s “Seagull” is a one-act drama play that gives us today’s Chekhov with all his depth, passion, desperate love and lovable characters that have to deal with all the disappointments and twists of life.

The “Seagull” was very well received by the audience on August 1st in Tbilisi, Georgia. The standing round of applause did not want to let the actors go off stage. One of the great theater goers, Anastasia Chernetsova wrote on her Instagram:” Yesterday I attended one of the best performances ever. It is hard to express my emotions with words; Thanks to the wonderful actors and Jari Juutinen who stages the performances that you want to attend over and over again”.

The Seagull is considered to be the first of four major plays by Anton Chekhov. It is a slice-of-life drama, set in the Russian countryside with passionate characters desiring love, success, a simple happiness that no one will ever seem to attain.

_1230687Masha | Sophi Chalashvili | Photo: © Yana Khazova

_1230519Nina | Khatia Beruashvilili | Treplev | Vladimir Novosardov | Photo: © Yana Khazova