“A Heroic tragedy and a Heroic feat” sadsongskomplex:fi in Slovenia

sadsongskomplex:fi’s team assembles to create yet another interesting performance, this time, in Slovensko ljudsko gledališče Celje, Slovenia. The Purge, directed by Jari Juutinen is a two act drama play telling us a story of a women, trying to survive in an unforgiving world of oppression, injustice and desperation. A world where a woman’s body is an object of social repression.

Purge was very well received by the Slovenian audience. The theater critic Petra Vidali writes in her article: “The purge is a good performance. It shines most at times when it breaks and re-arranges the dramatic starting points. The play adapted by Alja Predan re-positioned some key parts of the story, thus making some changes in narration. It is also essential that the stage crew did not follow the stage instructions of the author. Changes in time happen by a slight change of light or the passing of the nebulae through the floorboards – one of the rare uses of this element on our scaffolds. Above all, old Aliide and young Aliide are played by the same actress – Ziva Selan. The transformations are perfectly timed very well done are are being one of the main drives of the performance. Her acting is not only convincing, but shocking at times. Truly a heroic feat”.

Purge is a gripping, harsh and cruel play about the cost of survival in a dehumanized and cruel repressive system. It is also a play about love, betrayal and sacrifice. It raises many questions about one’s intimate decisions and political responsibility in repressive regimes.