Charles Bukowski in the streets of Helsinki!

All right folks! It has been a long time and now that the pandemic is nearly over we are happy to tell you some good news about a very interesting project that took place in Helsinki. Now sadsongscomplex:fi joined forces with Semion Aleksandrovsky – The Russian National Theatre Golden Mask Award-winning director and founder of Pop-up theater. Semion left his home country after the events of February 24th.

You get to experience the life story and poetry of Charles Bukowski through the audio performance. Basically you walk down the street, enter the bar, sit down. The bartender hands you over headphones and a beer, and you stay one-on-one with Charles Bukowski, narrated by the one and only Darren McStay.

Old Bukowski recalls how it all began: poverty and rented apartments, random jobs here and there, random affairs with women, love and sex, loneliness and madness on the verge of suicide. He reflects on writing that has always been a priority, on his unique path in literature, on personal battles that he fought all his life.

Working group:

Director and concept creator: Semion Aleksandrovsky

Voice actor: Darren McStay

Project manager: Irina Duskova

Production: sadsongskomplex:fi/Jari Juutinen

Partner: Pulmu Baari

Photo by Darina Rodionova