Sad Songs From The Heart Of Slovenia!

All right folks! We are back in Slovenia in the lovely city of Celje. Because we had such a wonderful time working on “Purge” two years prior, we decided to join forces once again for another ride! This is a second co-production of Sadsongskomplex:fi and Celje City Theater. This time it’s Jari Juutinen’s all-time classic “Sad songs from the heart of Europe”. The premiere took place on September 23 and was very well received by the Slovenian audience.

Sad Songs from the Heart of Europe” is a play by the contemporary Finnish playwright and director Kristian Smeds. It is based on “Crime and Punishment” – one of the main novels by Fyodor Dostoevsky. It is a story of Sonya Marmeladova’s love, seen as a pan-European plot where young people are forced to commit desperate and destructive actions. However, as always, Jari shows that there is hope and light in every human being, no matter how difficult the times are. And, of course, there is love.

Actress Maša Grošelj, a wonderful young actress, did a fantastic job embracing the role of Sonya Marmeladova.