…and the rest is silence

Wintertime in Helsinki – cold and dark days. Since the street is not too tempting, we choose to take a shortcut and walk in a warm and clean passage from one shopping-mall to another, let us say from Forum to Kamppi, or vice versa. .. But what the heck? Wasn’t there a cafe here, in between these banks and the restaurant? What has happened to it? And what are these strange sounds coming from the ex-cafe? Is there some kind of a pop-up theatre performance?

In fact, yes there is: sadsongskomplex:fi is back in Finland at least for these 7 pop-up performances at the ex-cafe at a shopping mall passage. 

Jari Juutinen’s new wordless play is about a mother and her family. The performance demands an answer to the question:”Is everything as good and fine as it seems from the outside?”

Concept & directing: Jari Juutinen

Sound- and light design: Ville MJ Hyvönen

Scenography & clothing design: Tinja Salmi

Choreography: Kira Riikonen

Producer: Irina Duskova

Cast: Pinja Flink